Is your Sun Sign all you know about astrology but you would like to learn more? Then say YES! It’s time to move beyond the limited label of your Sun Sign and get to know the many facets and multiple layers of who you truly are.  If you know bits and pieces of astrology but haven’t put all the information together to interpret charts with confidence, I can help you do so.

Hello! My name is Renate and I am delighted to pass on what I know and teach those of you who are ready to tune into the guiding light of the stars. Learning astrology is empowering and having your own astrology practice will help you to understand yourself and others more deeply.

As spiritual beings in physical bodies, each of us experiences life with an unique mixture of planetary energy transmitting, transforming, and manifesting through our personalities and egos as well as our thoughts and emotions in accordance with our Soul’s karma. Our planetary ‘GPS’ is determined by the exact moment and location (the time and space) of our birth.

Astrology is both an ancient and modern insightful tool for guidance with everyday concerns such as health, career, and relationships. If studied and researched regularly, astrology can become a spiritual practice. Whatever the reason, when you  commit to the practice of astrology you will have a wise ‘companion’ with you throughout your life.


I have had the privilege and good fortune of studying with world-renowned teachers and mentors, experts in their fields, who have been bright and generous lights shining before me on my own path. It’s time to share what I’ve learned along the way.

I would love to connect with you and support the growth of your own astrology practice.  I am a certified Vedic Astrology teacher for beginning students new to Vedic Astrology and look forward to working with you. If you are interested, please read About Me to learn more about my background.