Planetary Cast of Characters – The Sun, Part 1

Each planet is an intelligent force, a divine energy orchestrating the play within our sacred solar system. By understanding more about the planets, we gain greater understanding of how the qualities of these radiating energies manifest through our unique self expression, and how the moment of our birth affects our ability to receive, integrate, and distribute the inherent planetary aspirations of each orb. We learn to live and evolve with them throughout our lives. We observe how the energies we express are either in blended harmony, in disruptive conflict, or both, and how the radiating force of this synergy blends or conflicts with the qualities emanating from other people.

There are many cookie-cutter definitions for the meanings of the planets, such as “Sun in Aries means…” or ” Sun in the 1st house means…”. In this series, we will consider the planets in a more theoretical and fun way through anthropomorphism. By contemplating the planets as people, imagining them to possess human characteristics – gifts and flaws, we find deeper insight and glimpse delightful clues into each planet’s multi-dimensional qualities which make up this great celestial stage.

Perhaps the simplest way in which we can examine the characters each planet plays is to envision them as populating a stereotypical, and mythical, medieval kingdom, a creative scenario which my colleague and teacher introduced me to a few years ago. The planetary cast of characters would be portrayed something like this:

Sun- The King

Moon- The Queen

Mars- The King’s Warrior, Knight

Mercury- The Youth, Jester, Apprentice

Jupiter- The Priest, or Fanatic

Venus- The Princess, or King’s Mistress

Saturn- The Wise Old Sage, or Elder

We will begin our exploration into this vital and varied cast with a closer look at the Sun.
The Sun is the source of Life itself. Without the Sun, our planet would not exist. It is through the Solar Logos that our planet receives its divine direction, protection, manifestation, and purpose. From the Solar Logos emanate the Seven Great Rays, whose complex qualities transmit through the planets, passing through the twelve zodiacal constellations, and further filtering energetically into the soul, mind, and body of mankind. The rays affect all Life- the mineral, plant, animal, and human kingdoms.

Symbolically then, we see how the king ruling his kingdom correlates to the Sun. The king provides for all his people, presiding over the ruling government and its officials, overseeing their economical condition and resources, establishing boundaries to protect his servants and workers that they may provide for him in a somewhat safe environment. His presence alone affects everyone, from his Queen to the serfs tilling the land.

“You must be a lotus, unfolding its petals
when the sun rises in the sky, unaffected
by the slush where it is born or even the
water which sustains it!” – Sai Baba

This provides a clue to the Sun in our natal charts. Wherever this mighty presence is positioned, the implications and correspondences to that house will be illumined. Or, at least, the Sun’s mission and itinerary will be to try to illuminate the activities of the house to fulfill its purpose in expression.

Will this Great Light come through a lower, ego-centered personality seeking its own rewards, status, and possible dictatorship; or will the higher qualities be permitted to shine through a receptive personality overshadowed by the Soul, seeking to provide guidance, generosity, and equality to all Life?

What, if anything, challenges this expression? For this, it’s important to look in the chart to see if any planets are in conjunction to or aspecting the Sun, and if so, are they supportive of the Sun’s goal or an antagonizing influence? A beneficial meditation is to look at the house placement of your Sun and contemplate how you express in these areas. Are you being somewhat of a selfish tyrant or are you being a generous leader with goodness for all in your vision?

The house position and sign in which the Sun resides in our natal charts indicates how flexible and open we are to others, how we represent ourselves (or wish to), and where any of our cobwebs will be revealed simply by the radiant presence of the Sun.

the-sun-tarotIn the Major Arcana of the Tarot, The Sun card shows a naked child with hair blonde as sunshine adorned with a crown of flowers, riding upon a white horse, clutching a rod which displays a waving victory or celebration banner. The fresh energy of youth, the nakedness of the form, and the horse white as snow… each symbolizes the purity which can emerge through the Sun’s expression. The divine child has become the overshadowing Soul, directing the little will by holding the reins in cooperation and permitting the Greater Will to come into action and manifest, establishing a firm bridge between the personality expression and the purposeful wisdom of the Soul.

Every King must have his Queen, first and foremost to secure the continuity of the royal bloodline to the throne, insuring the success and longevity of the kingdom. In Part 2, we will take a closer look at Her Royal Majesty, the Moon, and why she, more than the King, needs her court.


Image of The Sun from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

2 thoughts on “Planetary Cast of Characters – The Sun, Part 1

  1. KK

    Renate: I love the analogy of the planets with human personalities. It makes it seem simpler
    (at least a little bit), to understand. And your interpretation of the SUN Tarot card is great.
    You are a very good instructor/teacher/leader. thank you!!

    1. Thank you Karen. I find that the planets can be understood better, especially their energetic relationship towards each other (who gets along with who and who doesn’t), when we think of them as ‘people’. Once we understand this, it makes chart interpretation and understanding planetary dynamics in our own personalities more accessible.
      I really enjoy the correspondence between astrology and the Tarot. Glad you enjoyed it as well.

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