It’s the Ninth House

When I was researching advertising options yesterday, one of the local newspapers I have in mind lists Astrology under “Religion”. Honestly, this made me cringe and reminded me that, even nowadays, people are not clear about astrology, what it is and how it can be referenced for practical benefit.

Everyone should understand that astrology is the observation of the luminaries (the Sun and Moon) and the planets and how their positions in space, along with the element of time, affects our lives on Earth both individually and collectively. I’m not going to go into the historical records of astrological use, it origins from ancient times, and how the art and science of astrology has been preserved and used ever since.

My point here is that, properly understood, astrology is not a religion. While it’s possible (and probable) that many of the world’s religions have their own interpretation of astrology (or bias for or against it for whatever reasons), astrology itself does not box itself into the label of religious study. If one simply remembers that our birth charts contain twelve houses, it is the Ninth House which represents religion. Not just “religion” in the broad sense, but our own, personal religion or traditions and customs. This means that anyone can consult with an astrologer or learn astrology, regardless of their personal religion.

I recall a meeting with a client nearly twelve years ago, when this very conversation occurred. My client admitted she was quit ignorant of astrology and was not even much aware of horoscopes in magazines and newspapers (thankfully!). She also admitted that she wasn’t sure about obtaining a reading with me having been raised Southern Baptist and the daughter of a minister. She was, however, becoming increasingly interested in consciousness, energy, and healing, (she became an Alternative Health practitioner herself and already had a professional practice when we met) and this prompted her to remain open to the possibility that astrology might have something to offer or teach as well. We went forward with the reading, and– long story short, she was floored to learn that religion is represented by one of twelve houses; combined, the twelve houses represent the totality of our life experiences and individual expression. Having been brought up in the Southeast with a minister running the household, she was raised believing religion was Everything. I’m not going to argue the importance and great value of (any) religion and our religious beliefs, but from the perspective of our birth charts, there are eleven other areas of our lives that make up who we are, that show the fullness of our experiences, and that define us as individuals. If we ignore the other houses, we will not get the full picture of who we are as human beings. My client requested four additional readings with me, one for each of her family members, and received them with satisfaction and comfort.

There are people who are born to experience their lives in total and committed devotion to their religion, and this, you can be sure, would be seen by a very prominent and active Ninth House and Ninth House planetary ruler. In addition, the Twelfth House, the house of solitude and isolation, may also be emphasized (such as life in a monastery), and the planet Jupiter would likely have a strong impact in their chart as Jupiter is the planet who encourages deep-seated belief systems, including religion.

If more people would study astrology, apply the principles and techniques to charts of family, friends, and others, the reality that religion is not something that sets us apart (to varying degrees –depending on our culture, upbringings, and our birth charts) but is something that we all have in common. Every single one of us has a Ninth House in our charts, and we all have a Ninth House ruling planet positioned somewhere in our charts!

I state on my website that it is my hope that every household has an astrologer in the (near) future. Similarly, it is my hope that in the future every household is tolerant of religious preference and humanity develops the ability to truly coexist without feelings of superiority/inferiority, prejudice, or fear. (To clarify, I am referring to well-adjusted, civilized and ordinary people, not the fanatics that exist in many (if not all) religions– that’s a whole other topic!)

As a teacher of Vedic Astrology, I welcome people from all parts of the world. (We can work together as long as you have an internet connection and speak English). My class is open to anyone who wants to understand their birth chart and how to interpret its meaning, whatever their religion.

When properly understood, astrology can become a life-long companion to religious beliefs without interfering or distracting. Anyone who commits to the study and practice of astrology, no doubt, will see this for themselves.

Perhaps someday soon, the newspaper will list Astrology under “Self Help” or “Self Improvement”. I, for one, would find that more acceptable and appropriate.


Featured image courtesy pixabay

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