The Light of Vedic Astrology

Jyoti is a Sanskrit word meaning light or flame. The word light when used in astrological context regarding our Sun, the solar system, and the constellations does not merely refer to emanating radiance that can be seen with our eyes or with instruments, but also energy, vibration, and consciousness. Likewise, the word jyoti in meditation refers to the divine light or flame within us.

Therefore, when Vedic Astrologers call their practice “Jyotish, the science of Light” they are primarily referring to light as awareness, light as consciousness, light as the innate stream of Love-Wisdom that is deep within us but that is also deep within the spiritual Sun, the solar system, and constellations. Light or consciousness is the true connection between us and the planets; they are, in a sense, the organs of our greater planetary body, the Cosmic Man (Mahapurusha) to our microcosmic individual selves.


The ancient rishis from where the system of Jyotish originated taught that incarnating souls on Earth and the Earth itself are under the rule of immense Cosmic intelligence and Cosmic energies– and that we are all part of this larger Life. We see from our charts, calculated from the moment of our birth, our unique connection to the bigger picture and our experiences we have while we are here.

Astrology is immensely useful for our mundane lives, yet our birth charts are more than a reference for guidance with money, careers, health, and relationships. The chart is a special, sacred image of our light, our consciousness; it is a script for our roles to play, a contract for our karma and our responsibilities. Still, for so many it is an unknown or unappreciated map folded up and never used (some by choice and others because they are unaware of it).

Perhaps the most generous gift astrology offers us is the comforting light of awareness that enables us to participate in our lives– conscious of our Soul’s intention. We can use our charts as lighted lanterns so that we don’t have to fumble through the darkness. Though the light does not magically remove our struggles nor prevent all of our occasional defeats, it sheds light on the way through, allowing us to see the twists and turns along our path. The birth chart is our compass encouraging us and moving us forward with symbols and the language of the solar system to the discovery of our unique destiny.

My personal mission (reflected in my birth chart) is to teach others how to read their own charts. My goal is to assist more people to become astrologers in their own right, people who can confidently navigate their lives with greater awareness and become lights upon their own path and anyone who seeks their knowledge.

If you are one of these people ready to empower your Self, visit my enrollment page for more information about my course and available options for study. I look forward to assisting you.



2 thoughts on “The Light of Vedic Astrology

  1. The sages refer to light to describe awareness. We are visually evolved creatures, and such is our language. Physical light is just a small sector of the electromagnetic spectrum which radiates throughout the universe. There’s nothing special about light per se. There is something special out there, we don’t know what to call it.

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