Interpret Your Own Birth Chart

Have you been gathering information about your astrology birth chart from various sources (through books and/or social media)? Have you become overwhelmed or discouraged after trying to piece the information together, unable to grasp the analysis of your whole chart? Do you find it difficult to extract valuable and accurate information in an understandable manner?

Why not take the next step? Let me help you become fluent in reading your whole birth chart rather than continue wasting your time grasping random and incomplete pieces of information that are generalized, fragmented, and disconnected.

I invite you to join me in The Introduction to Vedic Astrology online course where we will study together (at a pace suitable to you) and I will help you achieve the necessary skills to confidently read your birth chart and the charts of others.

Take the next step!

Do you already use a different astrology system (such as Western Astrology or Chinese Astrology) and would like to transition to Vedic Astrology like I did back in 2001, or add Vedic Astrology to your current services? Do you crave deeper insight, stronger predictive abilities? Do you feel called to empower yourself and others with astrological guidance?

I welcome you to my online course, The Introduction to Vedic Astrology, an excellent environment to get your first taste of how Vedic Astrology differs from the system(s) you may be familiar with.

My online class is open to students from anywhere in the world.
Start studying Vedic Astrology today!

When you successfully complete my introductory course, you will be able to analyze your chart for personal strengths and weaknesses, for character traits, and for obvious or latent talents. You will be able to determine which planets will move you forward towards greater success and fulfillment and which will force you to push through obstacles along the way. You’ll know how to determine which of those planets is ‘working on you’ currently and for how long. You will learn how to recognize in your chart events and situations that have gone on before and see upcoming potentials in the near and distant future, and much more!

Learn how to interpret your birth chart

I support your decision to become an astrologer whether you choose to study with me or any other astrologer. Your rewarding and satisfying adventure in astrology awaits!

Join me in the Introduction to Vedic Astrology online course – ENROLL today!



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