It Is What You Make It

Astrological insight can be used subtly or rigorously, and anywhere in between– depending on your own preference.

Some people are perfectly satisfied following the Moon cycles, checking the current Moon sign and seeing which house the Moon is transiting through in their chart on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Some are content watching videos about their Sun, Moon, and/or Rising Signs.

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Others prefer to dive deeper and consult their charts to determine the patterns and potentials of all of the planets, to observe all transits, to track the planetary periods they’re currently running and to be aware of the sequence of future periods that will be experienced throughout the remainder of their lives. If you’re one of these ‘others’, then my course is a great fit for your astrology aspirations.

Remember, when you successfully complete my class, your astrology practice will be whatever you make it. Whether or not you decide to turn your skill into a professional service or reference your chart for your own benefit, practicing astrology will remain a valuable tool to have with you throughout your life!

I welcome you to start studying. For more information about my class, click here.

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