Online Classroom

To access the Online Classroom:

1. Purchase the course you wish to enroll in. (You can enroll in the full and complete  Introduction to Vedic Astrology class or you can enroll in each Part of the class separately. If you chose to take the class in Parts, you will need to take each part in order, starting with the Introduction & Part 1: The Houses.

2. After your payment is received, you will be emailed the Access Code for the course purchased. (When you purchase the complete class, only one Access Code is used.)

3. You will then need to set up a free account on Schoology. Go to, click “Sign Up”, then select “Student” and enter the Access Code. Your request to enroll in the class will be emailed to me for approval.

4. After your request for enrollment is received and approved, return to, sign in, and locate the class you purchased under the “Courses” drop-down menu on the tool bar at the top of the page.

This Youtube video will assist your registration process and provide a sneak peek into the course, giving you a glimpse at how the classroom looks and how it functions.

The online classroom is a virtual classroom. Once you enter, you’ll see that the Home Page has an appearance similar to Facebook, which will make learning to navigate quite easy. Please keep in mind that multiple students can be enrolled in the same class at the same time, and while each student progresses through the course at their own pace, all students enrolled in the same course are able to see each other’s comments or posts that are made on the Home page. (Any messages you send to me through Schoology as well as homework submissions are strictly private.) 

Improper or inappropriate posts and comments will be grounds for dismissal with NO refund. But hopefully we won’t have to go there. I created this classroom for students’ convenience, benefit, and enjoyment. Please participate respectfully.

I also suggest that you sit quietly for five to ten minutes in any form of meditation that helps you release tension and the ‘lingering effects or stress of the day’ prior to logging into your class to assist in making your studying experience respected and beneficial.