Ready to Know More Than Your Sun Sign?

People are seeking greater awareness about themselves and their loved ones, about their place in the world, and about life in general and many are finding connection and meaning through the scientific and spiritual tool known as Astrology.

Together we can broaden your astrology understanding. Not only will you gain knowledge of all of the Planets, Zodiac signs, and Houses of your horoscope, you will learn much more and conclude with confidence to interpret charts for yourself and others. You will be able to follow planetary cycles, transits, and more.

By the end of our sessions together (regardless of how you chose to study with me), you will be your own Astrologer! 

When your ability to read a chart unfolds, you will see how the birth chart becomes your treasure map for a lifetime of personal guidance.

Do you want to understand why you feel the way you do, why you are attracted to certain people, places, professions, and things, what motivates and challenges you, and how your worldview or filter dffers from others?

Do you want to experience better relationships with family, friends, co-workers, and partners? By analyzing their charts (with their permission), you will not only understand them better but you will also see how astrology reveals why some relationships work quite smoothly when others tend to be fueled by tension and conflict, and who we attract in our lives.

Foreknowledge of upcoming challenges and prosperous times is invaluable and offers us the chance to prepare and make the most of them. You will learn how to determine what planetary periods are running throughout your life using a 120-year timeline exclusive to Vedic Astrology that is derived from your unique birth time.

When you give the study of Vedic Astrology a chance, I honestly believe you will be pleasantly surprised and you’ll realize that you have made a wise decision. The investment of your time and money and the commitment you make to delve into the wisdom of astrology will be a sacred gift accompanying you throughout your life.

Are you ready to begin your adventure into the exciting field of Astrology?

How much will you learn? A lot!

Please read the Course summary by clicking the link below:

Introduction to Vedic Astrology Course

If you prefer to learn in a self-paced online classroom or in private sessions, then the learning environments I can offer you may be the perfect fit. It is my goal as your instructor to support you and encourage your interest and practice of astrology.

If you have any questions about studying with me, please email me here with Astrology Classes in the subject title.